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Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with the Glencoe Fire Department? Volunteering your time to help support your community is very rewarding to not only you, but the people you help by donating your time.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form or call us at (320) 864-4310. You can also attend one of our meetings held on Wednesday nights beginning at 7:00.

Who can volunteer:

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:
Men or Women who are at least 18 years of age
Reside in the Glencoe Fire service area
Hold a valid State of Minnesota driver’s license
Comply with City of Glencoe hiring practices

Application Process:

Complete an application
Interview with a department Officer
Complete physical agility test and written exam
Pass a criminal background check, drug and alcohol test
Pass a department medical physical
Submit proof of Minnesota drivers license
Maintain a probationary period for a minimum of 1 year

Applications can be downloaded from the Glencoe city website at https://www.glencoemn.org/city-government/city-employment/. Return completed applications to the Glencoe city offices located at the Glencoe City Center or the Glencoe Fire Hall, 509 10th Street East.

Training Requirements:

The purpose of the Glencoe Fire Department training program for new volunteers is to give a full understanding of basic firefighting techniques as well as basic life-saving activities.

The training program consists of the following:

Complete Firefighter I & II, Hazmat Operations Training within the first year

During the spring/summer months new volunteers may begin to drive and certify on emergency vehicles.

After completion of the basic courses outlined above, there are many opportunities available to further firefighting skills. Some topics include, but are not limited to: Hazardous Materials Response, Building Construction Courses, Fire Inspector, Advanced Firefighting Courses and Fire Prevention. All are upon approval by the chief or training officer. These courses are paid for by the Glencoe Fire Department.

Membership Benefits:

The GFD offers its volunteers with many attractive benefits.

Free fire training, classes and certification that is useful both at home and on the job.
Supplemental retirement benefits after completing required vesting period
Opportunities for advancement
Regular medical exams (physicals)
Great friendships and the opportunity to meet and work with great people like you.
Immeasurable satisfaction providing a direct benefit to the community by helping your neighbors and saving lives.
Plus so much more…


To learn what it’s like to be a volunteer firefighter, watch the videos below:
Start your adventure with Glencoe Fire today!
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